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The advantages of holiday workshops for children

Holiday workshops for children are an opportunity to learn in a different way. Once the school year is over, it is time to rest and enjoy a break during the […]

The project is based on Gustav Klimt in three of his paintings: “The kiss”, “The hug” and “The tree of life”

This work is based on the existing and undoubted connection between plastic expression and emotional intelligence. The relationship between art and feelings. All the projects of previous courses I have […]

Forbes ranking best schools #24 Palacio de Granda

We are pleased to announce that the prestigious Forbes magazine, for the second consecutive year, has published its ranking of the 100 best schools in Spain, and Palacio de Granda […]

“Best Educational Team” by #educarestodo.

Palacio de Granda has been awarded 🏆🥇🎖 for the “Best Educational Team” by #educarestodo. Congratulations to all of you for your effort and dedication; This award is thanks to the […]

We are an examination centre for the Goethe Institute

Each year the group of students who take external official exams is more numerous. As a novelty, this year we have been an examination center for the Goethe Institute. So [...]

Welcome Sara!

Hello! My name is Sara Cano, and I have the pleasure of being part of the Palacio de Granda teaching team. I am the new Arts teacher. I did the [...]

Heras (Cantabria) 3-star national award

Congratulations to our student Daniel from 2º ESO, who has managed to finish third in the 3-star national of Heras (Cantabria) in 1.00m with his pony Falcao sharing the podium […]

GLA 2021- 2022, (Graduate Learning Assistant)

We present you our GLAs from this course 2021-2022, (Graduate Learning Assistant) Charlotte and Chiara, from the United Kingdom. They come from internships throughout the course, and one of their [...]

IPC Project Year 6 “Brainwave”

In Year 6 we are starting the year with a project exploring the brain, with these four objectives: How the brain works How we learn and how we can improve [...]

Welcome Paula!

We continue with the presentations of the new teachers at Palacio de Granda and it is time to meet our new teacher Paula, who has been living in the UK [...]

Palacio de Granda has received the Green Flag from ADEAC

Palacio de Granda has received the Green Flag from ADEAC (association of environmental and consumer education), fundamentally for its capacity for sustainability, energy saving, water saving and promotion of the [...]

Juan Caballero – Deputy head

Good morning Students and families Palacio de Granda school, My name is Juan Caballero, and I am the new Deputy Head of the school. I have more than 20 years […]

Press Release by newspaper La Nueva España


Welcome Rose Iksilara- German teacher

Hi,   My name is Rose and I hope to meet you in person soon, but for the moment I will to tell you a little about my personal and […]

Magnificent EBAU Results

The Palacio de Granda school congratulates all the students of the XXXIV promotion of 2nd Baccalaureate, for their excellent results in the EBAU exams. It has been a difficult year, […]

Mindfulness for kids: the key to Amazing Learning

Mindfulness for kids: the key to Amazing Learning Mindfulness teaching fosters the pedagogical community, in which students flourish academically, emotionally and socially, and in which teachers make the most of […]

Interview with the Head by La Nueva España

Ricardo Díaz Bernardo, head of the Palacio de Granda, highlights the work that has been carried out in the center throughout a course as special as the one that ends, […]

Palacio de Granda among the 50 best schools in Spain according to Forbes Magazine.

The prestigious magazine Forbes has published for the first time the list of the best 50 schools in Spain and has positioned Palacio de Granda in 37th place out of […]

Video Gallery for Primary and ESO Yayoi Kusama students

Our teacher María has created this wonderful video-gallery, which compiles several works of our students in the art subject. This project is dedicated to the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Elementary […]

Article by newspaper “La Nueva España” abril 2021

The objective of the educational project at Laude Palacio de Granda is for its students to have a comprehensive training, making the most of their abilities, diversity and creativity. To […]

2nd prize for innovative ideas ASTURIASTEAM

We congratulate the effort and innovation of our dear students Pablo Otero Garcia, Cristina Díaz-Montero Poo, Tomás Rial Formoso winners of the 2nd prize for innovative ideas ASTURIASTEAM. Congratulations on […]

We have been classified as one of the 30 most innovative schools in S

We are pleased to announce that our has been selected by the newspaper “El Español” as one of the 100 best schools in Spain. Also this year we have been […]

Article by news paper La Nueva España “We develop skills and abilities seeking student success”

“We develop skills and abilities seeking student success” We share an article made by the newspaper “La Nueva España” about our school. Through the article, you will be able to […]

“The Street ” Kindergarten proyect (2 years)

Our kindergarten children this week have carried out an activity within the project that they do in both Spanish and English called “The Street”. The main topic was road safety. […]

Cambridge diplomas “Young Learners”

One of our values ​​is effort and perseverance, and as a result of these, our students have participated today in the delivery of the Cambridge ‘Young Learners’diplomas (Starters, Movers, Flyers). […]

Carnaval 2021

This year, despite not being able to celebrate Carnival as we would have liked, we have not lost the desire and the illusion of seeing our students and teachers with […]

Young people are increasingly taking the lead on the world’s greatest challenges such as global warming, human trafficking and disarmament. At Palacio de Granda through the ISP Virtual MUN program, […]

Our student Alba has been summoned for dressage minors to the international group.

Today it’s time to congratulate our beloved student Alba, who thanks to her continuous dedication, discipline and effort, has been summoned by the Spanish coach for dressage minors to the […]

Gifted and Talented Programme and Early Intervention Programma article by “La Nueva España”

Yesterday  the news paper “La Nueva España” published an article about our   Access the full article by clicking on this link ?   https://www.lne.es/la-pizarra/2021/02/09/palacio-granda-unico-colegio-privado-34305364.html    


This year  ISP students, among them Palacio de Granda , are invited to participate in #IAmAnISPScientist, a free STEM research project through citizen science. For students from 8 to 14 […]

“Education must innovate to add and improve students in all facets of their lives” Daily article “La Razón

We are a group of schools with a clear focus: putting learning at the heart of everything we do. It is exciting to train and educate our students in a […]

Ecopets Contest

Our ECOpets contest was part of the Ecoescuelas plan, in order to promote the reuse of materials, as well as the creativity of the students. This week we have delivered […]

“Welcome to my Hotel”

At the School we carry out an Early Stimulation Program, created to serve all students, from Second to Third of Primary Education, with a significantly early development for their age […]

Article by newspaper “La Nueva España”

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions made throughout a child’s life, since it will mark their future, that is why it is worth choosing a center […]

We know that this year has been very difficult and that these holidays will not be like always, but not for that reason we have lost the Christmas spirit and […]

Emotional processing and executive functions in gifted and talented students.

Palacio de Granda school, through a collaboration agreement with the Nebrija University and the Doctoral candidate Ana Fernández Mera, participates in a series of tests, as part of its research […]

Create your net cable

In this term in the ICT  as a culmination of everything seen in the subject of computer networks, the 4th ESO students have had to make and test their own […]

Olafur Eliasson and the chromatic circle

The Guggenheim in Bilbao has organized this year an exhibition of the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson (although now we cannot see it, it will be until April 2021). Eliasson is […]


Today our Primary students have delighted us with an incredible “Flashmob” in order to celebrate Halloween. They have learned the choreography during the week and with this activity they were […]

¡LEGEASport and LAUDE Palacio de Granda together!

LEGEASport and the LAUDE Palacio de Granda school have signed an agreement in which LEGEASport will be the responsible supplier of the Official Equipment for the extracurricular sports activities of […]

Special report by La Nueva España “La Pizarra”

Our students have returned to school “happy and with an unbeatable disposition to adapt to the changes derived from covid-19, following all the rules established in the protocol that we […]

LAUDE Schools awarded ‘Best International Educational Project’ by La Razón Newspaper

LAUDE Schools was acknowledged as ‘Best International Educational Project’, when it was presented with the award granted by the La Razón newspaper as part of its well-known Corporate Excellence Awards. […]

Graduation of our pupils in 5 Years and 6ºPRI

Today we celebrated the graduation of our pupils in 5 Years and 6ºPRI who have reached the end of their stage and are now moving up into Primary and Secondary […]

Aitana and Clara, from 5th Primary, national champions in the Young Reporters for the Environment Eco-Schools competition

Congratulations to our students Aitana and Clara, from 5th PRI, who have become national champions in the Young Reporters for the Environment Eco-Schools competition, with their project “Marine Pollution”, with […]


For their end of year project in Biology and Geology, our 1st ESO students have made a self-irrigation pot using recycled materials. We look forward to seeing the progress of [...]

Learning about different periods of history

In their IPC project, 2nd Primary students have been learning about different periods of history and, among other things, have recreated scenes of life in prehistoric times, such as prehistoric [...]

Face the Coronavirus

We greatly appreciate Avelino´s Fernández Terán participation, father of Carlota (1ºA), Physician, Dentist of SESPA and Medical Director of Policlínico Sierosalud, who gave an interesting talk to students from 1º […]

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated today, June 5th, hosted by Colombia, and is the most important date in the official United Nations calendar for promoting environmental action. Since 1974, 5th [...]

First day back in the classroom

With great joy, today, June 4th, we welcomed  2º BAC students, who are returning to the classrooms to prepare for the EBAU. Welcome!

2º Bachillerato students return to the classrooms to prepare for the EBAU.

To our children, students and staff in Europe, Our world changed and we all adapted as a global learning community. Our school buildings were temporarily closed, but you continued to [...]

Virtual Buddy Exchange Program

During May and June, 4 of our students who are part of the program, Virtual Buddy Exchange Program : Marina A. 3º ESO, Sara L. 4º ESO, Miguel M. 3º […]

Talk about minerals and rocks

Yesterday, during our IPC class in 1º Primary, Susana Torno, Civil and Mining Engineering Professor of the University of Oviedo, joined us to talk about minerals and rocks. It was [...]

Forces and Structures

As the conclusion to the theme of “Forces and Structures” to apply the concepts seen, our 2nd ESO students designed and built some structures, using recycled paper, so that they [...]

ISP Europe Online Chess Tournament

Whilst the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and families remains our top priority, the International Schools Partnership (ISP) continues to put learners and learning at the forefront of everything […]


The Thyssen Museum has launched the 4th call for its competition for young  artist called “Versiona Thyssen”, which consists of reinterpreting 6 proposed works from the museum´s collection. Our 4th […]

4th Primary students celebrate their 1st Invention Competition

During the last few weeks, in 4th grade of Primary students have been learning and exploring structures and machines as part of one of the subjects in IPC. To finish […]


During this quarantine, in arts, we had to be creative with what we had at home, but that did not limit our creativity. After the new fashion trend encouraged by […]


In 3rd course of ESO, during quarantine, we’ve been working through the levels of iconicity when representing a work of art. We have selected an object of reality and interpret […]

Book day 2020

In these complicated times in which we live, where the book is the only friend we can relate to as we always have, the Book Day celebrations are tinged with [...]

Earth Day

Today is #Earthday and our students are celebrating it from home, demonstrating support for environmental protection with their little actions. They are creating new life by planting seeds and vegetables. […]