Our school values the teaching of newtechnologies with 3 computer labs, 1 robotics lab, and all of our classrooms have a laptop and projector.

Our students use iPads and educational apps from Early Years onwards.

In Primary, we begin learning about logic with special applications and robotic programming languages “Mio” and “Cyber”. In later stages, we continue the learning process with game and animation programming, website design using HTML and CSS, programming with BBC Micro:bits and an introduction to Python. Later, we continue programming training with Robotica Zowe, Mbot and Lego. Our Computer Science class is designed in close collaboration with the Mathematics Department to improve logic, and use of game-based learning, tougher challenges, and team work.

In Secondary, our students follow the Technology and ICT curriculum, and we incorporate new initiatives such as team competition, such as the First Lego League. Several teams participate in Reto Stem España in game programming, robot design and construction. Our Primary and Secondary students use digital books and resources, with their own Chromebooks, in class and at home for homework.

Our enrichment and extracurricular programme continues to develop with a good range of technological activities.