2º Bachillerato students return to the classrooms to prepare for the EBAU.

To our children, students and staff in Europe,

Our world changed and we all adapted as a global learning community. Our school buildings were temporarily closed, but you continued to learn and get better together from home. You pulled together as communities, you supported each other and made learning and working from home possible. We are proud of you all.

Life in isolation and the monotony of lockdown has been a struggle, as we continue to adjust to a different way of life but, by staying at home, you have protected each other and your communities. Thank you for keeping each other safe.

Now some of our students and staff are returning to schools in Spain and the UK whilst others will have to wait a little longer. Some things may be different to begin with, but we hope you are ready and looking forward to be back in school, so that learning can continue in the classroom in a safe environment for all.

Once again, you will be able to enjoy the human interactions we have all missed so much whilst we continue to put learning at the heart of everything we do.

In the meantime, tomorrow, Thursday June 4th, Palacio de Granda will open its doors to welcome  2º Bachillerato students, who are returning to the classrooms to prepare for the EBAU.

We are all in this together.