It will be a pleasure to receive you at the Palacio de Granda and show you not only the facilities or our multilingual educational project, but also the environment in which our students develop. We firmly believe that students should be educated in a climate of closeness, values, understanding and demand. We believe that a student who feels happy at school is much more open to learning.

Angélica Tuñón Hernando.

Director of Admissions

Tlf: +34 671632799


Our doors in the Admissions department remain open throughout the year, looking forward to the opportunity to welcome you into our school community, regardless of the season.

The admissions process follows a structured approach to ensure a smooth transition for your child into our educational environment:

1. Contact us

Please reach out to us to schedule a visit to our school or to arrange a virtual call, especially if you are currently abroad.

2. School Tour/Virtual Call

This stage provides us with the chance to meet you and your child, allowing a deeper understanding of your child’s needs and interests. We will delve into our curriculum and show you our facilities, providing you with a glimpse into our amazing learning environment.

3. Assessment/Taster Day

We may request your child’s previous school report (if applicable) and organize placement tests if necessary. Furthermore, we may invite your child to a taster day at our school, allowing them to immerse themselves in our community.

4. Acceptance

Upon successfully completing the assessment process, you will receive an offer in writing, giving you a fixed period (between 5 to 10 days), during which we will reserve a place for your child as you proceed with the registration process.

5. Enrolment

Congratulations! Your family is now part of our School Community.



The International Schools Partnership network seeks to admit students who are willing and able to benefit from the curriculum and learning practices of the school to which they apply. Each ISP school has different approaches and capacities to meet the needs of children; however, the network’s overall mission and values ​​establish a foundation from which each college can outline its admissions policy. The goal of the admissions process is to achieve a good fit between the potential college and the student. The admission of the student should always be made with the best interest of both in mind.

ISP schools, including Palacio de Granda, can attend:

  1. Students with a wide range of academic abilities, due to the highly individualized learning offered in the classroom.
  2. Students from all countries and cultural traditions of the world, due to the global approach and world perspective adopted for learning.
  3. Students in transition (for example, expatriates), due to the support they receive from the school to help them in their transition to/from the international arena.
  4. Students with additional language needs in English, due to the diversity of the student population and the international nature of the school.
  5. Students with learning difficulties who are able to access the curriculum.

ISP schools, including Palacio de Granda, cannot attend:

  1. Students with significant social difficulties that significantly limit learning in the classroom, due to the social nature of learning in ISP schools.
  2. Students with significant behavioral problems that significantly limit the learning of other students, due to the collaborative nature of the classrooms in ISP schools.
  3. Students who are unable to access the curriculum due to serious learning or other difficulties.

ISP schools, including Palacio de Granda, may or may not be suitable for the following:

  1. Palacio de Granda runs an introductory language program supported by a few staff members on an as-needed basis. The payment of an additional amount will cover the hours of teaching and support necessary until the student is able to access the complete or agreed curriculum.
  2. Students with moderate to severe learning difficulties who have external support from staff/tutors not covered by the school. Palacio de Granda will assess the needs of each student using:
    1. Diagnostic reports provided by the parents on external evaluations already carried out.
    2. An internal diagnostic evaluation carried out by our expert staff: members of the Department of Educational Needs, Psychologist and Speech Therapist.
    3. A trial period to evaluate the student at school.

All students with special educational needs or an official declaration can request additional support by paying an extra amount. They will be admitted if they are able to access the curriculum and will benefit from the educational environment of Palacio de Granda. The school does not have a specific Special Needs department for severe learning difficulties.

As with all admission decisions, the final decision (either positive or negative) rests with the Director. The Director of Admissions manages the application and enrollment process, and recommends acceptance of prospective students to the Director.

General Guidelines

The Director of Admissions together with the Director of Marketing are in charge of carrying out the school’s marketing tasks, in order to select possible students, guide their families through the admission process and guarantee newcomers an adaptation to the school without mishaps.

To make student selection effective, the Director of Admissions works collaboratively with faculty, administrative staff, and management. Parents play an important role in the successful adaptation of children in our schools, and we encourage families who are already part of the school to serve as ambassadors for new members, with the Director of Admissions as a guide.

Families who have applied for admission to the college will be treated to the highest level of customer service, and we will be considerate of interrupting existing classes during selection periods.

During the application process, all documentation is kept confidential, and admissions-related files are stored in a secure location with restricted access. The transfer of information between the Admissions and Administration Offices is carried out on a regular basis, as well as communication with them.

Contact us to arrange a visit and learn about our exclusive educational project.

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Angelica Tunon. Head of Admissions

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