The advantages of holiday workshops for children

Holiday workshops for children are an opportunity to learn in a different way. Once the school year is over, it is time to rest and enjoy a break during the summer, however, holiday workshops for children help them to keep active from a different point of view, in an environment where they can develop their full potential.

A summer workshop should be based on playful activities, through a fun method. Improving the level of English or encouraging creativity are some of the objectives that can be achieved during the holiday months.

The advantages of holiday workshops for children

By approaching holiday workshops from a playful point of view, never as a punishment or a responsibility, we will ensure that this type of activity will provide reinforcement. The main advantages of summer courses are the following:

  • Summer courses encourage personal development. These activities are based on interpersonal relationships and collaborative activities, therefore, they allow a child to put his or her personal skills into practice.
  • Summer activities allow them to include sport and healthy routines. At their age it is important that they start to learn the importance of sport, avoiding sedentary routines that can appear during holidays.
  • Fun is important, in fact, for them it is the main value of this type of workshop. Whenever we choose a summer workshop, it is important to do so bearing in mind that it should be a fun activity for them.
  • Through these activities they can get to know their environment first hand. Summer activities in nature allow them to get close to areas in contact with the environment.
  • Knowledge building can also be an objective, as in the case of language workshops, but always from a playful point of view, which they perceive as part of the summer activities, never as an added responsibility.
  • We can also take advantage of the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in areas that are not included in the academic curriculum.

Types of holiday workshops for children

Nowadays, there are all kinds of summer workshops aimed at different activities.

Sports workshops

Sports workshops allow them to practise their favourite sports, and at the same time encourage healthy, sport-based routines. Another advantage of sports workshops is that children of all ages can discover new hobbies, based on the practice of sports they have never played before.
Sports teach values. Empathy and collaboration are part of the sporting routine, and summer activities related to sport also teach them to put these values into practice.

Nature workshops

In Asturias we are fortunate to enjoy incomparable natural zones, which is why many of our students enjoy workshops focused on nature and respect for the environment.

It is increasingly important for future generations to learn the value of nature and respect for the environment. Workshops related to the environment allow them to discover the environment in which they live and interact with the fauna and flora through immersive experiences.

Creativity and entrepreneurship workshops

There are also many workshops that insist on values, through activities and games. Workshops based on creativity and entrepreneurship offer a different way to enjoy the summer, through activities that promote interpersonal skills.

Summer is the perfect time to insist on skills that do not require rote learning, but are assimilated by putting them into practice. Creativity and entrepreneurship workshops allow them to develop their full potential, in the company of other children their age.

Art workshops

Art activities are also suitable for the summer months. Artistic training is part of the curricular process, in fact, at Palacio de Granda we have spaces specially equipped for art subjects, however, art workshops allow children to assimilate this knowledge from a different point of view, also taking into account interpersonal relationships.

One of the main advantages of art workshops is that they encourage their creative capacity.

Language workshops

Summer also offers the opportunity to improve language skills through immersive experiences. Nowadays there are all kinds of possibilities, from immersive trips to English-speaking countries to language camps where they can enjoy activities while learning English.

Is it advisable to keep up with school in the summer?

Much of the learning that a child assimilates in primary and secondary school is based on study-related routines. The study routine cannot be maintained throughout the year, obviously, students need extended periods of rest, in which they can dedicate themselves completely to other activities, however, it is necessary for the learning routine to remain latent, but in a different form.

The main advantage of summer workshops for children is that they allow the learning instinct to be maintained, but using other methods than those used in the classroom. A student who attends a workshop will feel that he or she has learned new things, or has consolidated knowledge that he or she already had, but has done so effortlessly, through experience and through activities in which he or she has collaborated with other children his or her age.

It is important that they also participate in choosing the activity they are going to enjoy in the summer. They know what type of activity is the most suitable for them to enjoy their free time, what their interests are and what type of workshop is the most suitable. We must prevent them from perceiving this type of activity as an added responsibility during their holidays.

Choosing a holiday workshop for children is an opportunity to reinforce certain skills and also allows their ability to learn to develop during their holidays.