Palacio de Granda has always been known for its close relationship and unconditional support for its students. We encourage children in Primary to take charge of their education, taking an active approach based on team work, game-based learning, and hands-on projects. We attach great value to creativity, collaboration, investigative learning, and digital literacy.

Our academic programme, which includes the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), is supplemented by a variety of activities during the academic year.

We are a truly bilingual school as English is acquired in the same way as the mother tongue, in a natural way. We strive for immersion in the language and this forms a large part of our everyday life at school. We are a Cambridge Universtiy examination centre and offer our students the opportunity to obtain one of the most prestigious English certifications.

We add a third language (French or German) in Year 3 of Primary.

We supplement classroom learning with the use of digital technology, valued by the students and can be accessed from home.