At Palacio de Granda, music, art, theater and dance are not only part of the curriculum but are also included in our extracurricular activities program. We offer the Baccalaureate of Art that complements the other modalities and gives a professional opportunity to students with these interests and skills. There is also the possibility of contracting individual classes of different instruments.

Art education gives students the ability to appreciate the richness and variety of their own and other cultures and provides them with an aesthetic view of the world and their place in it. The arts become a channel of expression and offer children the opportunity to develop their acting skills and critical spirit, either as a spectator or as a performer. The theater, in English or Spanish, gives students the opportunity to strengthen their oral and dramatic linguistic skills.

Concerts, theater performances and art exhibitions are common on our school calendar, where students have the opportunity to show off their creative talents.


At Palacio de Granda we place a special emphasis on fitness, healthy living and building confidence through participation and competition. Physical Education is, of course, part of the curriculum and includes a wide range of sports. We organize a large number of sporting events and matches are often played against other schools and clubs. Two of our soccer teams participate in the Asturian League. Other initiatives such as the Mini-Olympics are important events on our calendar.

Swimming lessons start as soon as the children enter school. Extracurricular activities in or out of school hours include soccer, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, ballet, and handball.

We are privileged to have modern facilities and a natural environment. We have a sports center, gym, dance and multipurpose classrooms and two swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor. The outdoor facilities include two soccer fields, basketball court, race track and forest area.


The acquisition of a language through immersion and active participation is the central element of our educational project. Mastering two or more languages ​​is an essential tool to face the challenges of our current society, which is increasingly competitive, multicultural and in constant evolution.


At Palacio de Granda our bilingualism program is based on learning English with the same spontaneity as the mother tongue. From the earliest stage of education, 50% of the curriculum is taught in English. Our teaching staff is made up of specialists and native speakers, including our Principal, who encourage students to communicate in English throughout the school day.

We currently follow the Cambridge University Press program which aims for students to reach level C1 at the end of Baccalaureate.

Cambridge Premium Educational Partner

It is an integrative English project that occurs through an alliance between the school, Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment where a collaborative framework is established that includes Learning Journey (program structure), Seal of Quality and Learning Solutions (training resources). program support and professional training).

German and French

The subjects of French and German as a second foreign language are taught from 3rd year of Primary. The objective is to achieve a B2 level in the French Alliance and Goethe Institut exams.