Language acquisition through immersion and active participation is central to our approach to education. Fluency in two or more languages is key to meeting the challenges of modern society, which is increasingly competitive and culturally diverse.


Palacio de Granda’s bilingual programme is based on spontaneous learning, as if it were the first language. From the earliest stages, 50% of classroom teaching is in English. Many of our teaching staff including our Principal are native English speakers, who inspire our students to speak English regularly throughout the school year.

We currently use the Cambridge University Press English Curriculum, which prepares students to achieve a C1 level upon completion of the Baccalaureate.

Cambridge Premium Educational Partner

This is an integrated English initiative provided to students based on a partnership between the school, Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment. The purpose is to establish a collaborative programme, which includes the structure or Learning Journey, and the resources, support and training offered by the Quality Mark and Learning Solutions

German and French

German and French are taught as a second foreign language from Year 3 of the Primary. The objective is to obtain a B2 level in the Alianza Francesa and Goethe Institut language proficiency examinations.

Language Induction

The Orientation Department will initiate a specialised language induction programme for students who are not familiar with Spanish or English. Our teaching staff have developed our language programme, which can be easily adapted to the language learning needs of each student. We also prepare students for the official Spanish examinations for non-native speakers.