Welcome Rose Iksilara- German teacher



My name is Rose and I hope to meet you in person soon, but for the moment I will to tell you a little about my personal and professional life.

I was born and raised in Brazil and studied at a German school. My parents are Greek. All my adult life I have lived in London.

My passion is languages, I am a polyglot and I speak 5 languages. I love swimming, and I am passionate about everything related to care and emotional development. I always look for the best care for the children in my charge.

As for my work experience, for the last 15 years I have headed the modern foreign languages ​​department in London. I worked in conjunction with the pastoral teams, and I am a judge in the German-speaking competitions for the Goethe Institute.

I am very excited to belong to Palacio de Granda, where I will be teaching German in various stages. I will also be working in the academic guidance department.


Rose Iksilara video