“Welcome to my Hotel”

At the School we carry out an Early Stimulation Program, created to serve all students, from Second to Third of Primary Education, with a significantly early development for their age and educational level, and / or who stand out for their effort and constancy in all subjects.

The purpose of this Program is to be able to develop and stimulate all the factors that build divergent thinking: fluency, elaboration, originality and flexibility. It is intended to promote creativity as another component of intelligence, also favoring their social-emotional adjustment, as well as the curiosity to learn, to discover their own interests and to investigate them, always adapting to the individual characteristics of each student.

For this we have created a project that I have called “Welcome to my hotel”, in which various skills will be worked starting from the fictitious “creation” of our own hotel: we will develop its advertising, the geographical location, we will choose its layout and installation and we will even prepare the restaurant menus, among many other things.

The students have been very creative. They have designed from a cable car hotel with sleeping capsules, as an exclusive hotel for athletes, and much more.