Palacio de Granda among the 50 best schools in Spain according to Forbes Magazine.

The prestigious magazine Forbes has published for the first time the list of the best 50 schools in Spain and has positioned Palacio de Granda in 37th place out of more than 300 that have been evaluated.The analysis and selection has been in charge of a committee made up of expert pedagogues, psychologists and educational professionals. 36 criteria have been considered, divided into 7 blocks.

The school stands out for its multilingual training, which begins with 1-year-old students. At the end of their stage at the center, 100% of the students are bilingual in Spanish and English; in addition to fluently handling a third language to choose between German and French. It is distinguished by developing the competencies, skills and knowledge for the success of students through innovative methodologies with enriching study plans, education beyond the book, human values ​​and, what in the school they call “Amazing Learning”, “fun and interesting learning” that will guide students in the present and prepare them for the future.

It is also one of the schools with the Ecoescuela distinctive, as it instills in the students a sense of responsibility and a sustainable mentality.

Experts in the field of digital skills for education, it has the distinction as a Google Reference Center (Google Reference School).