The Best Private School in Asturias

At Palacio de Granda we have developed the best educational experience for our students. Our teaching programs are based on the learning of other languages and the transmission of values, our goal is to ensure that our students see their training as a permanent process, which goes beyond the school term.

We have a large team of professionals capable of guiding and teaching our students throughout all their training stages, so that each student can fully develop their abilities and guide them in the future to their professional career, all within an ideal environment for motivate all of our students.

Why are we the best private school in Asturias?

Palacio Granda is a prestigious and leading private school located in Asturias. Our multilingual teaching programs and the educational programs that we have successfully developed over the last few years are part of our identity that makes us unique.

Great leisure, sports and cultural facilities

We have the educational environment surrounded by nature and privileged, so that the student can develop all kinds of activities beyond the classroom. Both sports and cultural activities allow students to interact and improve their academic and social skills.

Multilingual teaching

Multilingual teaching begins with learning English from an early age where we attach great importance to linguistic immersion, all combined with reinforcement programs through international experiences under the framework of the ISP. From the third year of primary education we include the learning of a third language to improve their communication skills (German / French)

Values based on integral education and respect

Beyond the school programs, we instill in our students a series of values, which will allow them to become responsible and committed citizens. One of the benefits of belonging to a group as global as ISP, opens up the possibility of approaching multiple cultures, an aspect that we consider essential to achieve these global objectives.

Digital learning from the very beginning

The challenge of tomorrow is for us the challenge of the moment. We are aware that the present world has accelerated in digital skills, that is why we encourage technological capabilities through the use of tools to support academic development. Our commitment to digital technologies is aimed at the acquisition of skills and abilities to learn to learn, both from teachers and students in a process of permanent and collaborative training.

Advantages of studying in our Private School

Our best endorsement is the results that, year after year, our students achieve both academically and in personal development.

Educational Excellence

Our main objective in all the formative stages is to achieve educational excellence, we follow a personalized education, which takes into account their particular abilities.

Personalized learning based on motivation

Getting an emotional shot of a student is essential to obtain their best results. At Palacio de Granda we insist on student motivation from their first steps in academic development.

Guidance programs for students

All our students receive the necessary attention in their academic process, focusing our work on personalized advice for their global development.
We complement this orientation process with our own high capacity programs and early attention. We have a speech therapy service as well as specific work groups to solve any socio-emotional problem, all in collaboration with external professional institutions.

Private School in Oviedo for all educational stages

Our private school in Asturias offers your children the best educational experience. Our school programs include all pre-university courses, from kindergarten to secondary courses, throughout this training process, we help our students to make the best decisions for their future, offering training based on language learning.

The teaching of values is also very present throughout the formative stages of our students, we are an educational community that seeks to transmit useful values for the future of our students.

Our Bilingual School receives the best academic results!

One of the keys to the success of our school programs is bilingual teaching from the first years of school. It is important that students acquire communication skills from an early age, so that they can express themselves in other languages as fluently as they do in their mother tongue. At Palacio de Granda we not only develop language learning programs, but we also have the advantage of being part of the ISP, one of the most important international language teaching institutions in the world.

We are part of the International Schools Partnership

The ISP allows us to offer all our students international experiences to encourage their learning. The International Schools Partnership is an organization formed by schools from all over the world, focused on promoting cultural exchanges and activities centered on language learning. We not only get our students to improve their communication skills in other languages, but we also educate them in values related to respect for other cultures and interest in the world around them.
ISP allows us to collaborate with dozens of schools around the world, sharing online and face-to-face activities. For our students, it is an opportunity to communicate with English speakers and learn to appreciate other cultures.

International Bilingual Private School: International Programs

Our international programs include experiences in other countries, our students can communicate with native speakers of other languages. Every year we have international activities, with which we manage to offer activities that go beyond classroom learning, it is about putting into practice what they have learned in real situations, with English-speaking people.

Choose the best private school in Oviedo for your children’s future

If you want to make the best decision for your children’s future, come and visit Palacio de Granda School. We have the best international educational programs, because we know that learning beyond the classroom is essential at all ages, we are also located in a fully equipped environment, where our students can develop all their abilities.
Our personalized programs are focused on the expectations of each student, that is why we offer the best private education in Asturias.

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If you want your children to be educated in a reference center in Asturias, contact us. If you prefer, you can come to visit us, we are located at El Llugarín 4, in Granda – Siero. We offer your children an unbeatable environment and an educational program adapted to their needs, with which they can live an unforgettable educational experience. For our team, each student is a long-term educational project, we are committed to obtain the best results.