Enrolment at the International School Gijón – Palacio de Granda

Palacio de Granda is an international school in Gijón able to offer your children the best educational environment, from nursery school to the last pre-university courses. We are based on language learning to ensure our pupils have the best options once they have finished their baccalaureate.

Discover Colegio Internacional Gijón

The keys to our educational system are as follows. 

Education of excellence with an international focus in Gijón

At our international school in Gijón we offer an exceptional education with a global approach. Our programmes are designed to prepare students for today’s world, providing a diversified education that encompasses both local and international curricula. With a methodology that encourages critical thinking and creativity, our students become proactive learners and citizens of the world.

Our commitment to the integral formation of our students

We are dedicated to the integral formation of each student, focusing on their academic, emotional and social development. Through a wide variety of curricular and extracurricular activities, we promote skills such as leadership, empathy and social responsibility, preparing students to face life’s challenges with confidence.

Modern and welcoming facilities for an optimal learning environment

Our school in Gijón has modern facilities, creating an optimal learning environment. Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and common areas are designed to encourage collaboration and interaction. In addition, we have sports and artistic areas for the integral development of our students, making our school a place where every day is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Why choose our International School in Gijón?

The reasons why our international school in Gijón offers a different kind of education are as follows.

Outstanding and internationally recognised academic record

Our school has an outstanding academic record, with established international recognition. Our graduates are proof of an educational approach that not only emphasises academic excellence, but also preparation for a globalised world, enabling our students to gain access to leading universities around the world.

Highly qualified teaching staff committed to educational excellence

We have a team of highly qualified native teachers dedicated to educational excellence. Their experience and personalised teaching approach ensure that each student receives an education of the highest quality, based on innovative teaching methods and a deep understanding of students’ individual needs.

Rigorous and enriching academic programmes

We offer rigorous academic programmes that challenge and enrich our students. Through a diverse and comprehensive curriculum, we promote meaningful learning, preparing students for high-level academic challenges and fostering a passion for knowledge that goes beyond the classroom.

Developing 21st century skills and competencies for future success

Our educational approach is geared towards the development of key 21st century skills and competencies, including critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and effective communication. We prepare our students not only for academic success, but also to be innovative and capable of solving the challenges of the future.

Educational offerings at our Colegio Internacional Gijón at all levels

The language learning process in each of the educational stages is as follows. 

Infant Education

At this stage, English language learning focuses on natural exposure to the language through games, songs, etc. Children begin to become familiar with basic sounds and words, promoting a fun and stimulating environment that awakens their interest and curiosity for the language.

Primary Education

During primary education, more structured English language teaching is introduced. Pupils learn a wider vocabulary, basic grammatical structures and begin to practise simple reading and writing skills, complemented by oral activities to build fluency and confidence.

Secondary Education

The focus is on developing more advanced language skills. Students engage in more complex conversations, study grammar in depth and read academic texts. Critical thinking and self-expression in English is encouraged, preparing students for real-life communication situations.


In the Bachillerato, English language learning is geared towards academic and professional preparation. Students hone their ability to debate, present and write essays. Emphasis is placed on independent use of the language and the ability to deal with complex and specialised subjects, preparing students for higher education or the workplace.

International focus and bilingualism at Palacio de Granda

Both international focus and bilingualism are essential at our international school in Gijón at all stages of education.

Bilingual programmes that promote fluency in English and Spanish

Our bilingual programmes are designed to develop fluency in both English and Spanish, and our students learn other languages from primary school onwards. Through linguistic and cultural immersion, students communicate and learn in several languages from an early age, which facilitates a deep and natural understanding of each language and its associated culture.

International experiences and connections with schools around the world

We foster international experiences by offering exchanges and collaborative projects with schools around the world through PSI. These opportunities enrich our students’ education, broadening their global perspective and fostering intercultural skills.

International certifications and accreditations

Our students have the opportunity to earn international certifications and accreditations, which open doors to academic and professional opportunities worldwide.

Admissions and enrolment process

To begin the enrolment process, please contact our admissions team. 

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