International school in Asturias

Palacio de Granda is an international school with a multilingual program that adapts to each educational stage. Our bilingual education program begins in infant school, our students learn to communicate in English with the same fluency as they do in their mother tongue. To complete the language program, students learn a third language during their secondary school years.

Our international school in Asturias develops a comprehensive education program, in which we take into account the aptitudes of each student to enhance their personal skills. We want our students to be critical, creative citizens who also perceive their own education as a lifelong learning process. Our educational programs not only focus on theoretical training, but also help them to develop personally and emotionally.

Language programs at our international school

Language learning at Palacio de Granda is carried out through continuous language practice. The infant and primary school years are the best period to learn languages, because the improvement of the mother tongue takes place at the same time as learning a second language. In our international school we apply a program based on the continuous practice of a second language, our students can communicate in English with the same ease as they do in Spanish.  

During the secondary and high school years, the students of Palacio de Granda enjoy international programs oriented to language learning. The ISP (International Schools Partnership) allows us to collaborate with dozens of schools around the world, establishing each year a complete program of international activities. 

Language exchange trips are an opportunity to put into practice what has been learned in the classroom, and to develop language skills through activities in English-speaking countries with students from other international schools. 

Comprehensive education in a learning environment

Our international school establishes language programs that are adapted to each educational stage, in addition, our educational program is completed with other knowledge that will be fundamental, both in their professional development and in their personal life. 

Learning during the academic period is a base of knowledge that accompanies us throughout our lives, in Palacio de Granda we establish a comprehensive education, which includes both technical knowledge and emotional skills.   

Skills such as creativity or critical thinking are fundamental for their future. A student who is able to develop his or her own creative abilities from an early age will be an adult with capacities to face any situation. 

Emotional intelligence is also a skill that we encourage in our teaching programs. Motivation towards learning is closely related to emotional intelligence and the student’s ability to manage his or her own feelings. 

The educational environment is very important for student motivation, our international school in Asturias is an educational community in which all kinds of abilities have a place. We perceive our school as a family in which developing individual abilities is as important as feeling part of a common educational group.

Multilingual professional team in constant training

One of the reasons for the success of our language programs is the exceptional professional team we have at Palacio de Granda. Our bilingual teachers apply a learning method based on continuous practice of the language. The communicative level of a language is the most important for us, active listening and the student’s ability to express ideas in English allow the assimilation of the vocabulary learned, as well as the lexical structures. Our teachers encourage the practical level of the language, so that communication in English is as natural as communication in Spanish, from the first academic courses. 

Our teachers take into account the personal abilities of each student. Motivating a student to obtain the best academic results depends to a great extent on the involvement of the teachers. Our teaching team applies a teaching method that encourages the personal learning of each student, based on teaching programs focused on language learning.

Eco School and student residence

The values based on ecology and the environment will be very important for their future. Palacio de Granda is an educational center located in the middle of nature, in a quiet space suitable for transmitting values related to ecology and care of the environment. The council of Siero offers an incomparable natural setting, close to the two main cities of Asturias, Oviedo and Gijón. 

Palacio de Granda completes its private international academic proposal with a student residence that welcomes students of all ages. Language learning is also of vital importance in our residence, since we receive students from all over the world every year. 

Our goal is that students perceive our center as a home, in a space that includes both academic activities and a wide variety of leisure activities. 

Contact and registration

Studying at a bilingual school like Palacio de Granda is an unparalleled academic opportunity. Unlike other schools, in our educational program the learning of English is not just another subject, it is based on a continuous process in which the practice of the language is permanent. The academic results of our students, both in national and international tests, is the best demonstration of the effectiveness of our educational process. Students who wish to complete their university education in international centers are fully prepared to face this academic challenge. Language learning from infant school is an advantage, since it stimulates the student’s communicative abilities. 

If you want to reserve your place for the next course you can do it on our website, or by contacting our international school by phone or mail. Our contact details are as follows:


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