At Palacio de Granda we have been organising summer camps for our students for almost 40 years, with activities in which they can discover our environment, have fun and also improve their level of English. If you are looking for the most complete summer camp in Asturias, ask for information about our summer activities and book your places now, as places are limited.

Enjoy our Summer Camp in Asturias

Palacio de Granda Summer Camp offers an enriching and fun experience for children and teenagers, designed to combine learning and fun in a safe and stimulating environment. Our summer programme focuses on the integral development of participants through a wide range of creative, sporting and communication activities, encouraging friendship, leadership and teamwork.

Participants are grouped by age, ensuring that each participant receives personalised attention and developmentally appropriate activities. Daily activities are conducted in both English and Spanish, with special emphasis on verbal communication to improve fluency and confidence in speaking English. This practical and playful approach to language learning facilitates a natural and effective language immersion.

The facilities in which we carry out the activities, which include a swimming pool, playground, modern classrooms and extensive green areas, provide the perfect setting for children to have fun while learning. Our aim is to provide a memorable and complete experience for all participants.

Bilingual Camp at Palacio de Granda College

The Palacio de Granda bilingual camp is located in Siero, Asturias, and is an ideal destination for children and teenagers looking for an enriching and fun summer experience.

Our summer camp in Asturias, set in a natural and culturally rich environment, offers a unique opportunity to learn English in a bilingual context, encouraging communication and language immersion in a relaxed and safe environment.

Participants enjoy a wide variety of activities, from sports to creative workshops, designed to promote teamwork, leadership and confidence in the practical use of the language. The natural beauty and facilities of our school provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. Participating in our bilingual camp at Palacio de Granda means creating precious memories and forging lasting friendships.

Our activities


Dances and rhythm activities allow children to express themselves through movement. By learning different styles and choreographies, participants improve their coordination and confidence, while enjoying music and social interaction.


Costumes offer a unique opportunity for imagination and role play. Children have fun creating and wearing costumes, allowing them to explore different characters and worlds, stimulating their creativity and self-expression.

Inflatable games

Inflatable games are a favourite activity, offering safe and active fun. Children enjoy jumping, bouncing and sliding, which contributes to their physical development and social interaction, all in a safe and supervised environment.


Physical activity is central to the camp, with a diverse range of sports on offer including football, basketball, swimming and more.

These sporting activities not only promote the health and well-being of the children, but also teach them values such as teamwork, discipline and respect for others.


At Palacio de Granda’s summer camp in Asturias, arts and crafts are an essential part of everyday life, allowing children to explore their creativity and manual skills.

Using a wide variety of materials, participants create everything from decorative art to practical projects, encouraging their imagination and artistic skills in a fun and collaborative learning environment.

Prices for our summer camp in Asturias

Our students also enjoy…

Homemade food

At our camp, food is a priority. Nutritious and balanced home-cooked meals are included, prepared daily with fresh, quality ingredients. The menus are designed to meet the energy needs of the children while they participate in the activities. In addition, any possible allergies or dietary restrictions are taken into account, ensuring that all children enjoy delicious and safe meals.

Optional transportation

For the convenience of families and participants, the camp offers an optional daily transportation service. This service is designed to facilitate logistics and ensure safe travel to and from the camp.

What age group is this summer camp for?

Our summer camp in Asturias welcomes children between the ages of 2 and 15, offering a wide range of activities adapted to each age group to guarantee an enriching and fun experience for all.

The regular camp timetable is from 9:00 to 17:00, allowing for a full day of learning and entertainment. For families who need an earlier option, the camp offers an early bird service from 8:00 am, free of charge, making it easier for parents to organise their children’s daily schedule.

Limited places available! Request more information

If you need more information about our summer camp, please contact our team. Make your reservation before the deadline and offer your children an unforgettable experience this holiday.