Bilingual School in Asturias

Palacio de Granda is a bilingual school in Asturias with international programs, based on language learning through academic processes adapted to each student.

The advantage of our bilingual school is our international program in collaboration with more than 50 schools around the world, under the supervision of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), which allows us to manage all kinds of activities at all academic levels.

What is a bilingual school?

A bilingual school is an educational center that includes programs in several languages. At Palacio de Granda we perceive language learning as an integral process, which goes beyond memorizing vocabulary and grammatical structures. Our programs include the use of other languages ​​continuously from the first academic years, so that the learning of the mother tongue develops at the same rate as the learning of English.

In secondary courses, a third language, French or German, is added, the learning of which is based on the continuous implementation and development of the student’s communication skills.

Our bilingual school in Asturias

Our bilingual school in Asturias fosters the communication skills of each of our students. Learning a language cannot be just another subject in the academic process, it is important that students have daily opportunities to develop their communication skills, and learn to listen and communicate fluently from their first school years.

The multilingual environment of the ISP allows us to offer a truly bilingual experience to our students. Throughout the primary and secondary courses, they develop their knowledge in a similar way to that of perfecting their mother tongue, in this case Spanish, acquiring a capacity that will be key to their future work and personal life.

Why is it important to enroll your children in a Bilingual School?

The importance of having a bilingual education has important consequences for their future. Nowadays, knowing how to communicate in English is already considered a basic work skill, in the future it will be even more important. A person who is able to communicate in Spanish, English and German or French, will be able to access a global professional career, and take advantage of the international opportunities that the future presents.

The advantages of learning multiple languages ​​are not only focused on the field of linguistics, they also have important cultural implications, especially during childhood. Exchange programs allow them to get to know other cultures in person, perceive other points of view and exchange ideas with people from all over the world. Integrating into an international environment from their early years will allow them to develop in a broader community, encouraging their abilities and skills.

Commitment to your own training is also a basic factor in our training programs. Learning a language is a permanent process, we want that vision of training to be transferred to each of the aspects of your work and personal life in the future, that is why we insist on the importance of values ​​such as critical thinking and passion for knowledge.

What is the curriculum of our Bilingual School in Asturias?

We develop a comprehensive curriculum from 2 to 18 years of age, in which language learning is what really conveys learning throughout all educational stages.

We create a safe environment during preschool courses, so that they can develop their autonomy and reach their full potential from their first school years. Primary courses are essential to establish basic knowledge and get in touch with the skills that they will develop during subsequent courses.

The four secondary courses allow contact with technical knowledge of various subjects, in addition, at Palacio de Granda the learning of a third language, French or German, is included during this period.

The two years of Bachillerato represent a specific preparation for the university. In this phase, language continues to be a basic factor, in this case oriented towards what will be your future career.

Beyond our academic commitments, our programs place primary importance on the student, through personalized programs, focused on the abilities and aspirations of each pupil.

Advantages of a Bilingual Education in Asturias

Our bilingual school in Asturias incorporates international activities with other schools around the world. The practical learning of the language in collaboration with ISP, IS what really makes us different. The effectiveness of our method is demonstrated year after year with the results that our students obtain in both national and international tests.

Requirements to study at our Bilingual School

The admissions process follows five phases in which we make sure to create the perfect academic environment for your children:

  1. In the first phase, we make an online appointment, or a face-to-face visit to the center.
  2. You will then need to complete an admissions form.
  3. The student visits the center and an evaluation or interview is carried out.
  4. If both parties agree, a place is reserved in writing.
  5. Finally, the place is confirmed and the registration documents are sent to make the registration official.

Enroll in our Bilingual School

The registration period for the next course is already open. If you want to reserve your place at Palacio Granda, contact us and we will contact you to begin the admission process.

To know the fees of our school, follow the following link.