2nd prize for innovative ideas ASTURIASTEAM

We congratulate the effort and innovation of our dear students Pablo Otero Garcia, Cristina Díaz-Montero Poo, Tomás Rial Formoso winners of the 2nd prize for innovative ideas ASTURIASTEAM.

Congratulations on this well deserved award! The project consists mainly of implementing in public places such as public transport stops, bus or metro stations; a bicycle capable of generating electrical energy. The bicycle will have two ways of producing this type of energy. On the one hand, it will have a small solar panel built into its front, placed just above the wheel; take advantage of sunlight to generate this current. On the other hand, the second form of energy that will be is going to be kinetic, which will be produced thanks to the force we exert on the pedals. Through an electromagnetic generator, this kinetic energy will be transformed into electrical energy.

The creation of a mobile application is also proposed where each person can accumulate a kind of points as they use these bicycles. These points can function as a discount method for public transport.