Children’s sports What are the most recommended sports?

Practising sports is essential during the growing years. Children’s sport not only improves their health at a crucial stage, but also allows them to get used to practising different sports during their adulthood.

Any sport will be a very positive influence for the child, the choice depends on their age and preferences. At Palacio de Granda we focus many of our activities on sport, aware that the environment in which our school is located offers us the perfect space, in combination with the sports facilities of the centre, which include a football pitch, sports courts, outdoor swimming pool and sports centre.   

How important is sport for children?

Children’s sport should be conceived as a game, an activity to have fun. In fact, a large part of learning in sport is learning to manage victory and defeat. 

It is very important for children to understand mistakes as correctable and to learn to lose in order to win. In game situations, children learn from their own and others’ mistakes.

Children’s sport also contributes to children’s health, both physically and mentally, at an important stage for them:

  • It strengthens the heart, lungs, bones and muscles.
  • It improves cognitive functions.
  • It increases self-esteem.
  • Corrects and prevents health problems such as obesity.
  • Sport motivates effort. Sport prepares for the achievement of goals.
  • Avoids sedentary lifestyles.
  • Promotes teamwork.
  • It helps the child’s spatial perception.
  • It recognises the importance of personal and team effort.
  • It helps to understand the importance of rules and respect for the rules of the game.
  • It promotes values such as sacrifice, dedication and responsibility.

Advantages of children’s sport

The practice of sport has an immediate impact on both the pupil and his or her environment. Behaviours can be learned from sport, which, throughout their lives, they will put into practice in different environments.  

Of course, the positive consequences for their health are also important. In combination with a healthy and balanced diet, sport will allow them to grow up properly.

Children’s sport: the most advisable sports

With regard to children’s sports for children aged 3 to 12, the recommendation is to take their opinion into account, to find out their tastes and their favourite sports.  

Swimming. This is the most complete sport, as it helps to improve children’s coordination and endurance. It improves their ability to breathe and is recommended to correct posture problems. It also strengthens muscles, develops independence, self-confidence and solidarity. It can be performed individually and in teams.

Martial arts. Judo and karate promote flexibility and strength, discipline and all-round development. Notions of respect are very important in these sports. Exercises in martial arts are progressive and adapted to age.

Cycling. It develops flexibility, agility and coordination. It can be practised as a family and helps to strengthen bonds between family members. It promotes the learning of rules and favours the creation of an ecological conscience among participants.

Fencing. Fencing is a sport that develops coordination, balance and speed of response. Fencing requires good technique and physical fitness. It is recommended from the age of 8.

Athletics. It is a complete sport because it helps develop the body’s motor functions. Athletics requires a lot of discipline and also offers a wide variety of activities. 

Gymnastics. Gymnastics improves flexibility, elasticity, balance and coordination. 

Tennis. It helps children’s socialisation and stimulates their aerobic capacity. It boosts their teamwork skills and is a perfect sport to reinforce their self-esteem. 

Team sports. These sports improve physical fitness, motor skills and coordination. They promote discipline and develop teamwork and collaboration skills.

Sport is an activity present in all our school programmes. At Palacio de Granda we understand sport as a core learning activity, very present in the daily life of our students, throughout all stages of their academic development.

At Palacio de Granda we have different specific areas for the practice of sport. All our pupils enjoy sports facilities of the highest level. Furthermore, the area in which our school is located allows us to enjoy sporting activities with which we can discover our own environment and learn to take care of it.

At Palacio de Granda we not only offer our pupils a wide range of sporting activities, but we also try to instill in them the importance of continuing to play sports in the future.