XII Spelling Bee: An exciting journey to the Grand Final

The first phase of the Spelling Bee competition came to an end on Thursday 29th February at Palacio de Granda with the long awaited school final. This event, which is part of a national competition, is organised by Tangram Learning Systems and aims to find the best speller in various categories.

For months now, our students have been immersed in the constant practice of spelling, whether in the classroom, at home or even during breaks, with the aim of becoming finalists in the coveted school final. Two semi-finalists from each class made it through the preliminary round to compete against their classmates in a thrilling contest.

The day proved to be intense, full of nerves, excitement and fun, with each spelt word representing a step closer to the coveted victory. The finalists showed not only skill with words, but also resilience under the pressure of the stage.

Now, with the school final over, our outstanding finalists are ready to take on other spelling prodigies of the same age in the Grand Final. This exciting event will take place on 6 April in Madrid.


We would like to express our sincere congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and dedication. Every effort and every word spelled represents a significant achievement that fills them with confidence in this fascinating journey towards spelling excellence. Good luck to our finalists in the Grand Final!