Palacio de Granda’s orientation programme has a holistic focus which incorporates family values. Your children will be given individual attention and will be supported and educated so that they can achieve their maximum potential, not only academically, but also socially, intellectually and emotionally. We value our close relationship with parents, who very much contribute towards the success of our students. Student well-being is fundamental. Happy children learn better, are strong, develop self-confidence and the right attitude to overcome any challenges they face.

Your children will leave the school as mature young adults who are self-assured, knowledgeable, responsible and prepared for the challenges of the 21st century and adult life.

Palacio de Granda has an Orientation Department staffed by a psychologist, speech therapist, and teaching assistants that personally oversee your child’s personal and social development, including health and nutrition.

We also have an emotional development programme (individual or group, as needed) that is part of the school’s personal and professional development programme.

We have introduced KiVa, an international action programme against bullying, and we regularly talk to our students about their role in preventing and stopping bullying.

The school has our own qualified nurse, attending to students throughout the school day.