I am delighted to be leading LAUDE Palacio de Granda school. Our aim at PdG is for every student to experience a first class education where they can achieve their highest potential, experience amazing learning and be ready for a 21st century world.

I am passionate about the value of all through education. I remain convinced of the positive impact it can have on our students. The strong values of our school and our unrelenting focus on inspirational teaching ensures our students are happy, confident learners who make exceptional progress. At the heart of our approach is our ability to understand precisely where each student is on his or her learning journey so we can plan and set the right amount of academic challenge, targeting and differentiating areas of the curriculum where your child, our students excels.

It is this tailored approach which allows the majority of our students to achieve results above and beyond their expectations.

Welcome to PdG!

Ricardo Díaz – Principal