At Palacio de Granda, we place special emphasis on physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and confidence on the basis of participation and competition. Physical education is an integral part of our curriculum and includes a wide range of sports. We organise many sporting events and regularly play games against other teams and clubs. Two of our football teams play in the Asturias League. Other initiatives, such as the mini-Olympics, are important dates on our school calendar.

Football, basketball, gymnastics, judo, ballet and handball are just some of the extracurricular athletic activities we offer our students during the school day or after school. Swimming lessons start as soon as our children start school.

We are privileged to have modern facilities in a location with beautiful natural surroundings. We have a multi-use sports complex, gymnasium, dance and multi-purpose rooms, one indoor and one outdoor swimming pool. The outdoor facilities also include two football pitches, a basketball court, running track and forested areas.