Exploring the Exciting World of Computer Science

In the exciting field of Computer Science, students are in the final stages of their projects. These projects will be proudly presented during the next STEAM week exhibition, scheduled for 20 March. In this vibrant scenario, creativity and technology come together to bring to life innovative works ranging from educational games to robots and interactive projects.

  1. Guessing Animals on ScratchJr:

One of the most outstanding projects involves programming a game in ScratchJr. Students are working hard to develop a game in which you have to guess which animals inhabit a habitat and which do not. This playful approach promises to be not only educational, but also fun for the participants.

  1. Sphero: Pollinating and Honey Producing Robot Bees:

Another intriguing project involves programming Sphero robots to mimic the behaviour of bees, participating in the crucial task of pollination and honey-making. This practical application of robotic technology demonstrates the versatility of Computer Science in solving real-world problems.

  1. Interactive Posters with Makey Makey:

Students have also embraced the creation of interactive posters. Using buttons connected to the computer via a Makey Makey, they have achieved a unique experience. By pressing a button on these posters, the screen, programmed in Scratch, displays information and animations related to the selected section of the poster, offering a multimedia educational experience.

  1. 3D Interactive Board Games:

Innovation knows no bounds, and that is evident in the creation of interactive board games designed for 5 year olds. Game pieces, made with 3D printing technology, move around the board, triggering Scratch questions on the screen. This approach combines physical play with digital interactivity, providing a holistic educational experience.

  1. Robot Dinosaurs with bitbloq and ZumKitJr:

Programming robot dinosaurs is another fascinating venture by these students. Using tools such as bitbloq and ZumKitJr, they are bringing prehistoric creatures to life in a creative and educational way. This project highlights the ability of Computer Science to merge technology with history.


  1. Interactive Pets and Games in Python:

Finally, students have explored the creation and programming of interactive pets, as well as various Python games. From computational games to fast-reaction challenges and fine motor skills, these projects demonstrate the versatility of Python programming for a variety of educational applications.

In short, Computer Science manifests itself in vibrant and multifaceted ways in these student projects. From games and robots to interactivity in posters and board games, these students are not only developing technical skills, but also applying technology in creative ways to enrich learning. The future of Computer Science looks more exciting than ever, with these young minds leading the way to innovation and excellence