Palacio de Granda is a non-denominational private school with a strong commitment to high-quality education and high expectations for all our pupils.

Our school has a unique set of characteristics that make it a special place for your children:

  • Individualisation and adaptation to the needs and potential of each student.
  • Committed professionals who are lifelong learners themselves.
  • Multi-lingual education: a bilingual Spanish-English focus, with a third language, French or German.
  • Excellent academic standards: a broad curriculum with enriching activities and learning support.
  • Well-rounded education: development of creativity, critical thinking, team work and technological proficiency, in addition to emotional intelligence and personal and professional development.
  • A strong sense of family and community.
  • We are an Eco-School and privileged to have an amazing location that is surrounded by nature.
  • Student boarding facilities: A home away from home.