Boarding School in Asturias

Only 7 kilometers from Oviedo, Palacio de Granda offers an incomparable educational experience, which also incorporates the possibility of living in our school. Our boarding school in Asturias is fully equipped to receive students from all over the world, and offer them an educational and leisure experience they will never forget. 

Our boarding school in Asturias has one basic objective, to become a home for each of the students who reside with us. Our unparalleled bilingual curriculum is coupled with a multi-purpose space, where each person can develop their personal abilities in a free and stimulating environment. 

Our coordinators (House Parents) are always available to the students, and the work of our team is able to enhance the skills of each student, helping them to improve their academic performance. For our team it is essential to meet any kind of need that our students may have, so we are committed to personalized attention, focusing on both the academic aspect and the personal development of the student. 

Leisure time is an important aspect of our boarding school. Both on weekends and during the last hours of the day, the student has a wide range of leisure activities. Our location allows us to carry out visits and excursions to some of the most significant localities of Asturias during the weekends, in addition, our center has all kinds of spaces designed for the enjoyment of the hours of leisure and free time.

What is our boarding school in Asturias like?

Our boarding school in Asturias is a space designed for young students who wish to obtain the best results in their academic stage. Like the educational programs of our school, in the residence we give special importance to learning English in a practical way, the international character of our boarding school in Asturias allows our students to practice daily, improving their communication skills. 

Our student residence in Asturias incorporates both study and leisure areas. Our commitment is based on obtaining the best performance from each of our students, offering them a full social life, with everything they need to enjoy their stay in our residence. 

Our experience has shown us that we are more than a student residence in Asturias, the students who live in the residence of Palacio de Granda enjoy a unique experience, which they remember fondly. Living in an educational space like the one we offer at Palacio de Granda is an experience that goes beyond the academic level.

Advantages of our boarding school

Among the main advantages of our boarding school, we highlight the following. 

  • The training is excellent, due to the reinforcement and support that our residents receive continuously. 
  • The learning of other languages is faster, through the continuous implementation of what they learn in the classroom. 
  • The coexistence allows them to meet students from all over the world and reinforce aspects that will be basic during adulthood. 
  • In our center the education is absolutely personalized, each resident has everything necessary for their well-being. 
  • Beyond academic results, our students acquire discipline and autonomy.

For our team, the main responsibility is based on creating an environment with the highest standards, in which each resident can develop their abilities in a space they can call home.

Great opportunities in our boarding school

Our boarding students are provided with a full program of activities, which completes their academic education. Learning in the classroom is as important as acquiring and putting into practice values such as trust, responsibility and organization. In our residence we teach our boarders the importance of values that, in a short time, they will put into practice during their adult life. 

One of our most important commitments is to take care of our students’ health. Our student residence in Asturias has a kitchen where all the meals that our students consume are prepared daily. The campus also has a sports area with machines, equipped with everything necessary to practice sports on a daily basis.   

Enjoy a great experience in our boarding school in Asturias

For our residents, the result becomes an unforgettable experience. Obviously, our students have a series of responsibilities, both academic and related to their daily life in the residence, with which they must comply, but beyond the daily study and responsibilities, in our boarding school in Asturias they discover a place adapted to their needs.

Starting a new life in a different city can be complex, our experience allows us to ensure an immediate adaptation process, always taking into account the qualities and needs of each of our residents.

Once the academic period is over, our students have not only acquired a solid intellectual foundation, but they have also matured and are prepared to face new stages with confidence, knowing that their time in our school residence has been positive.


Enrolment to join our boarding school in Asturias is always open, as we accept temporary stays, as long as there are places available. 

We offer the possibility to choose flexible stays, depending on the needs of the student and his or her family. It is also possible to request a stay exclusively during the week. 

If you need more information or want to make your reservation now, please contact Laude Palacio de Granda.


To know the rates of our school residence in Asturias, you can write to us at the following address:

Contact with us

The student residence of Laude Palacio de Granda is located in the school complex Palacio de Granda, just seven kilometers from Oviedo. Our address is as follows.


Palacio de Granda School

C / El Llugarín, 4

33199 Granda – Siero



You can also contact our center by phone:


Phone: (+34) 985 792 031

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