Bernardette : Un viaje de superación desde la selva amazónica hasta Palacio de Granda

At Palacio de Granda we are proud to have a success story that stands out for its perseverance and courage. Today we want to share with you the inspiring story of Bernardette.

Bernardette R. was born in Bolivia, in the picturesque and remote indigenous village of Misión Fátima, located in the department of Beni, in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Her life, marked by the challenges and opportunities of her environment, is an example of how determination and effort can transform reality and open paths to a promising future.

In her community, where formalities do not exist but respect is fundamental, the inhabitants have decided to maintain a traditional way of life, far from the digital world. Bernadette grew up in total contact with nature. From an early age, she showed a deep love for animals, and her first pet was a red monkey she named Gru.


Born of the love between a canary doctor and an indigenous woman from the Mission, Bernadette grew up in the jungle surrounded by her family in the Amazonian way of life, where women often marry at an early age and are responsible for the home and the care of the family, rights that date back to ancestral times.

At the age of 11, her parents decided to send Bernadette to Spain, thinking of a future full of opportunities. Thus began her adventure in the Canary Islands, where she learned Spanish by watching children’s films, as she only spoke her indigenous language, Chiman. She still remembers the first time she entered El Corte Inglés and was so fascinated by the escalators that they had to call her over the loudspeaker.


At Palacio de Granda, Bernadette found the ideal environment to excel and flourish in various areas. Arriving at school in the 3rd year of ESO, she faced the challenge of adapting to a new educational and cultural system, far from her homeland. However, her determination and effort led her to learn quickly. She discovered her passion for sport, strengthening her competitive spirit.

This year, Bernadette graduated, taking with her the values of friendship, perseverance and dedication that have defined her time at Palacio de Granda. Now, she looks to the future with optimism and confidence, ready to face any challenge that comes her way.